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Strange stuff
Updated 09/25/2011

Here is a gif I I made out of a couple pictures my wireless cam took! Don't know what it is only my camera detected motion of some kind and took these 2 pictures! I left cam on for another hour or so but got nothing after that.

Here is the to picture side by side! Don't know what it is but looks like it has depth and is in the for ground of this picture other then that I have no idea what it could be.

Here it is magnified

Night #2

Well I had my wireless cam running in attic last night but don't seemed to get anything this time but the camera detected motion 6 times other then me at the end of the animation  I cant see anything in the photos so it could be false detections or something but I compiled an animated gif file so I could see if anyone else sees anything in the photo. At the end of it it shows me unplugging camera in attic.



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